Favorite Teas

First off, I LOVE tea!

There are so many options. Green, Black, White, etc.

Second, happy Friday! Studies show, you are supposed to drink green tea at least 15 minutes before each of your main meals. I don’t know if this is true, but green tea along with all of the other teas are lovely and delicious!

Here are my top 5 teas that I love!

1. Zen from Starbucks

2. Refresh from Starbucks

3. Moroccan Mint Green Tea from Teavana

4. Green Tea with Ginger from Medicinal Teas

5. Lady Grey Tea from Twinings


Have your tea now, and that Cosmo later!


*I did not review these products, this is just my opinion.


Pause and Renew


Sometimes I think my tea speaks to me. I decided to make a cup, and when I pulled the tea bags out to put in my mug this is what I got….Pause and Renew. I think we all need that at times. So right now, take a second to pause and renew!

Have a good evening!