Scary movies….

I love, love, love horror/suspense/thriller/ and the occasional gory movie!

There is something about being scared (in the comfort of your house) that is fun (?! yes, no?) I have seen close to all of the classics and new scary movies that have come out recently!

So here are the list of movies I love. Some are cheesy (come on, 80’s horror movies….) but still awesome in their own way!

1. Scream (2,3, and 4)

2. Halloween (the original)

3. Nightmare on Elm St.

4. The Conjuring

5. I Know What You Did Last Summer

6. Carrie

7. Black Christmas

8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

9.  The Exorcist

10. American Psycho

Are there any huge names I forgot that are awesome? Probably, but this list is pretty good in my opinion!