As you know, I am just slightly barre obsessed..

Well, if not, you now know!

My barre instructor has completely uped her game in her classes!!! I am holy shit!

I am sore for days. In a good way.

She has totally added different moves, which is always good to shake it up. I am so addicted, and am now doing barre 3 days a week. I would totally do it more often if I could.

Oh, did I mention, I am going tonight 🙂 YAY for barre.

If you have never been to a class, I believe you should check it out! Find one in your area 🙂

Pulse and Tuck,



Personal Training

Its Tuesday! Hope it is going wonderfully for you all. So this post I am going to talk about some of what I do in personal training! Honestly, I was hesitant about getting one, but she has turned into not only a great friend but she has helped me change my life! I am getting so much stronger, and I can see my body transforming!

In my sessions, we use resistance bands, hand weights, my body weight, ballet barre, and more. She calls them her accessories… they are not. They are her accessories from hell! (Secretly, I love them though :)) We always start with a warm up (very important), and then move through a variety of workouts. Usually 2-4 sets of legs, arms and overall body, then we do a plank or two, pull ups and push ups (my faves!)! Then, we end in a stretch! Of course, during we gossip, talk about the day, and I complain and cry in my head….but I always feel 10x better after!!!

*If you are thinking about getting one, do your research! In my opinion, they can help you transform your life!


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Off to the gym I go!

Happy Tuesday!


What I do at the gym!

Hope your Tuesday is going well so far! So this week I am working out like crazy, but what else is new?

This is usually how my workout life is scheduled out:

Monday– A short hour and 10 minute full body workout. I saw Delivery Man…So it was not as long as it usually it. Look out next Monday for that post.


Wednesday– My regular gym workout for legs… OR PT, depends!

Thursday– Barre

Friday– Rest Day- Unless I do not have to work, then I go to the gym, but this is rare.

Saturday– Barre OR PT, depends!

Sunday– My regular gym workout for arms…

Leg Workout Day: I love focusing on certain muscle groups when I workout…So on leg days, I start with at least 30 minutes of cardio (usually 45 though). My cardio includes either 30 minutes on the elliptical/15 minutes on the stair climber OR 30 minutes on the stair climber/15 minutes of running. (After 2 minutes, I stop and stretch for a second.) Then, I go to the track, grab a 10 lb weight, hold it horizontally and do alternating lunges for about 2-3 laps around. Next, I go to the weight machines. Last, I do at least a plank or 2, stretch and go home! It is about 1 hour and 30-45 minutes of a workout.

Arm Workout Day: Arm days start the same as leg days! I start with at least 30 minutes of cardio (usually 45 though). My cardio includes either 30 minutes on the elliptical/15 minutes on the stair climber OR 30 minutes on the stair climber/15 minutes of running. (After 2 minutes, I stop and stretch for a second.) Then, I go to the weight machines for arms. Last, I go to the place where I stretch and do a variety of push ups (around 150), planks/side planks, and then stretch. It is about 1 hour and 15 minutes of a workout.

Full Body Workout Day: Okay, this day is long, just warning you now… Same as above… Cardio! I start with at least 40 minutes of cardio (usually 50 though). My cardio includes either 40 minutes on the elliptical/10 minutes on the stair climber OR 40 minutes on the stair climber/10 minutes of running. Then, I go to the track and do my lunges (see leg day above but for 2 lap). Then, I go to the weights and pick around 8-10 of the ones I do both arms and leg weights. Last, I go to the place where I stretch and do my planks, squats and push ups. It ends up being around 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

So there is it! My crazy workouts 🙂

Barre is tonight, and it is new! I am excited. Have a good Tuesday.


*Please remember, I am not a doctor, and you should consult your doctor or a personal trainer before doing any workout!

The Stair Climber

My favorite piece of equipment at the gym….. The Stair Climber! This machine works your legs and butt. So basically you get on the machine and start moving. I always move the resistance up! What is the point if you cannot feel the pressure of a hard workout, right?! I usually do this for 20-45 minutes, resistance between 35-60 (depending on how crazy I am that day), and it usually burns around 200-400 calories! Win, win!

Give it a try today at the gym 🙂

Happy Tuesday!



So, if you have not realized it yet, I LOVE TO WORKOUT. It is one of my favorite parts of the day, next to my coffee in the AM 🙂 Well, I wanted to start trying something new in the fitness world. The place I do my personal training at has Barre, so I was like okay, why not! Here is a link about tips to get ready for your first Barre class, if you would like to know more! Barre is basically a ballet/Pilates inspired workout, if you will!

Here is a glimpse of inside my head during the first class:

“Warm up, okay not so bad so far. Put my leg where? Oh my god, how much longer do I have to hold this. Whew, done with that…no wait, damn we have to pulse. What is a tuck? Oh… never mind. Twist what now?How much longer with the pulsing……Stretching nice, I guess we are almost done! I liked it, definitely going to come back—wait a minute, we are not done, on to the mat we go. You want me to put my hips where? My heels up? This girl…god love her, but she is crazy. F**K this is hard. Okay—now we are done. Stretching feels so good. Yup, coming back next week!” Then the barre instructor came up to me…”This is your first class right? YOU DID AWESOME!” Me: AH! Good to know haha!”

Seriously, this is almost to the T of what went through my head. Now, obviously this is all my opinion, but I am obsessed! Don’t worry, I am going tonight to a class…. I am ready to tuck and pulse!

** I am going to attach some articles, if you want to read more 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


The bosu ball

If there is one piece of equipment at the gym that can totally kick my butt, it would be the bosu ball. My trainer introduced me to this fabulous yet tricky thing when I started working with her! One reason I love the bosu ball: you have to keep your balance while doing the work! When doing these workouts, you have to focus on your stability, along with the workout you are doing. Win, win!

Some of the workouts I do on this lovely piece of equipment:

1. Planks-  on my forearms and on my palms

2. Push ups- I will lift one leg up, and switch to the other one.

3. Squats- I can only do a couple BUT its something!


Give some of these a try, and let me know how you did! OR tell me some different workouts you do on the bosu ball 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!


Disclosure: The content written in this post is purely my opinion. I did not review any of the products above for compensation.