As you know, I am just slightly barre obsessed..

Well, if not, you now know!

My barre instructor has completely uped her game in her classes!!! I am holy shit!

I am sore for days. In a good way.

She has totally added different moves, which is always good to shake it up. I am so addicted, and am now doing barre 3 days a week. I would totally do it more often if I could.

Oh, did I mention, I am going tonight 🙂 YAY for barre.

If you have never been to a class, I believe you should check it out! Find one in your area 🙂

Pulse and Tuck,



Gym Etiquette

Happy Thursday! So I think this needs to be put out there for everyone to read…. There is a time and a place for many things, and the gym is not the place for something that people are doing. It has been driving me CRAZY! I have been going to the same gym since 7th grade, and I really love it. I also go to another place for my PT and barre classes.

I am going to list some ‘rules’ / ways to be polite at the gym. I am not trying to be rude in any way but there are some things that just boggle my mind, and drive me bananas.

1. During a class (like barre, yoga, pilates, etc.) it is so not appropriate to talk to your friends. Now, you can say something quick like, “Holy Sh*t, that move was crazy!” That is okay, but to have a FULL CONVERSATION is so rude. Not only to the instructor but to the rest of the class. Go get coffee after or something!

2. Put things back where you found them… self explanatory I hope. It really makes my head spin when weights are not put back, yoga mats are left out, etc.

3. If someone just got on a machine like the treadmill, do not stand behind them, and wait for them to get off. If they have been on for 45 minutes, I am sure they are getting off soon, go do something while waiting! *This happened to me today, and it really made me 1. uncomfortable and 2. mad! This is my time to workout as well.

4. DO NOT TALK ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Just don’t, go somewhere else and talk! If you are talking to an actual person on a machine THAT IS TOTALLY FINE! Just put your cell phone down.

5. Clean your machine after using it! It helps to not spread germs, and helps the staff out a little! It is your sweat after all 😉

I hope this rant wasn’t too much, but I believe it will help someone who is starting out at the gym to not be rude. Also, for people who think they own the gym (i.e. me haha)…. Okay! I am now finished…. haha thanks for reading!

Off to the gym I go!

🙂 J

Favorite Teas

First off, I LOVE tea!

There are so many options. Green, Black, White, etc.

Second, happy Friday! Studies show, you are supposed to drink green tea at least 15 minutes before each of your main meals. I don’t know if this is true, but green tea along with all of the other teas are lovely and delicious!

Here are my top 5 teas that I love!

1. Zen from Starbucks

2. Refresh from Starbucks

3. Moroccan Mint Green Tea from Teavana

4. Green Tea with Ginger from Medicinal Teas

5. Lady Grey Tea from Twinings


Have your tea now, and that Cosmo later!


*I did not review these products, this is just my opinion.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels…. She is one of the biggest fitness inspirations for me! She started out being over weight, and was bullied because fo it. She rose from it and now, she is described as America’s toughest trainers, and I really believe it is true! She is just amazing. Plus, she is on the Biggest Loser… amazing show! Look at the video below of her! It is just a snippet from (Thanks Youtube.)


All of her videos can be viewed online! I have done most of them, and I can tell you….they are tough as hell! And they REALLY work! Give them a try, and let me know what you think! OR have you already tried them?

Cheers, J!

The gym, and New Years Resolutions!

My favorite, happy places are the gym and starbucks…but if I had to pick one, I would honestly pick the gym! The elliptical, stair climber, weights, lunges, squats, I could go on! As the New Year comes, everyone at the gym knows what will happen….the gym turns into a circus! Now, I love that people are trying to get in shape, and making themselves happier, healthier, more confident, etc. BUT the gyms just become so crowded! Luckily, I take barre classes 2-3 days a week at another place, so I can avoid the craziness that is the gym during the next month or so. From, here is a funny clip from the one, and only Jenna Marbles. She cracks me up! Click here for the video 🙂 It is just something a little funny, yet so true about people and the gym!

Any resolutions you are making for 2014?

Happy New Years Eve!




Personal Training

Its Tuesday! Hope it is going wonderfully for you all. So this post I am going to talk about some of what I do in personal training! Honestly, I was hesitant about getting one, but she has turned into not only a great friend but she has helped me change my life! I am getting so much stronger, and I can see my body transforming!

In my sessions, we use resistance bands, hand weights, my body weight, ballet barre, and more. She calls them her accessories… they are not. They are her accessories from hell! (Secretly, I love them though :)) We always start with a warm up (very important), and then move through a variety of workouts. Usually 2-4 sets of legs, arms and overall body, then we do a plank or two, pull ups and push ups (my faves!)! Then, we end in a stretch! Of course, during we gossip, talk about the day, and I complain and cry in my head….but I always feel 10x better after!!!

*If you are thinking about getting one, do your research! In my opinion, they can help you transform your life!


If you want to read some other fitness posts I have done click here and here !

Off to the gym I go!

Happy Tuesday!


What I do at the gym!

Hope your Tuesday is going well so far! So this week I am working out like crazy, but what else is new?

This is usually how my workout life is scheduled out:

Monday– A short hour and 10 minute full body workout. I saw Delivery Man…So it was not as long as it usually it. Look out next Monday for that post.


Wednesday– My regular gym workout for legs… OR PT, depends!

Thursday– Barre

Friday– Rest Day- Unless I do not have to work, then I go to the gym, but this is rare.

Saturday– Barre OR PT, depends!

Sunday– My regular gym workout for arms…

Leg Workout Day: I love focusing on certain muscle groups when I workout…So on leg days, I start with at least 30 minutes of cardio (usually 45 though). My cardio includes either 30 minutes on the elliptical/15 minutes on the stair climber OR 30 minutes on the stair climber/15 minutes of running. (After 2 minutes, I stop and stretch for a second.) Then, I go to the track, grab a 10 lb weight, hold it horizontally and do alternating lunges for about 2-3 laps around. Next, I go to the weight machines. Last, I do at least a plank or 2, stretch and go home! It is about 1 hour and 30-45 minutes of a workout.

Arm Workout Day: Arm days start the same as leg days! I start with at least 30 minutes of cardio (usually 45 though). My cardio includes either 30 minutes on the elliptical/15 minutes on the stair climber OR 30 minutes on the stair climber/15 minutes of running. (After 2 minutes, I stop and stretch for a second.) Then, I go to the weight machines for arms. Last, I go to the place where I stretch and do a variety of push ups (around 150), planks/side planks, and then stretch. It is about 1 hour and 15 minutes of a workout.

Full Body Workout Day: Okay, this day is long, just warning you now… Same as above… Cardio! I start with at least 40 minutes of cardio (usually 50 though). My cardio includes either 40 minutes on the elliptical/10 minutes on the stair climber OR 40 minutes on the stair climber/10 minutes of running. Then, I go to the track and do my lunges (see leg day above but for 2 lap). Then, I go to the weights and pick around 8-10 of the ones I do both arms and leg weights. Last, I go to the place where I stretch and do my planks, squats and push ups. It ends up being around 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

So there is it! My crazy workouts 🙂

Barre is tonight, and it is new! I am excited. Have a good Tuesday.


*Please remember, I am not a doctor, and you should consult your doctor or a personal trainer before doing any workout!