New Job!

I’m back! Sorry about that…. I have been super busy because I got a new teaching job! I am super excited to be starting. I am starting to teach 3rd grade 🙂

That being said…. I was busy setting up my classroom, trying to learn names, trying to learn where they are academically, organizing, cleaning, teaching, keeping my head on straight and breathing!

It has been crazy to say the least, but I am so blessed!

Here is to a lazy MLK Jr. Day! I have the day off…which means…. lesson planning! HA.



Favorite Teas

First off, I LOVE tea!

There are so many options. Green, Black, White, etc.

Second, happy Friday! Studies show, you are supposed to drink green tea at least 15 minutes before each of your main meals. I don’t know if this is true, but green tea along with all of the other teas are lovely and delicious!

Here are my top 5 teas that I love!

1. Zen from Starbucks

2. Refresh from Starbucks

3. Moroccan Mint Green Tea from Teavana

4. Green Tea with Ginger from Medicinal Teas

5. Lady Grey Tea from Twinings


Have your tea now, and that Cosmo later!


*I did not review these products, this is just my opinion.

Friday Favorites: New Year Edition!

So for this Friday Favorites, I decided to change it up, and tell you five things that were my favorite parts of 2013!

1. Movies… There were SO many good movies that came out this year, check out my post from Monday to see some of them but Catching Fire won my heart!

2. I graduated this past April! It was such a huge accomplishment on my part.

3. Disney World! This year I went to Disney World for the first time…Yup, as a 22 year old! Can I just say, I acted like a 6 year old haha. It was a blast! Especially Epcot 😉

4. Living with my best friend! From July 2012 till July 2013, we lived together at school… It was the best decision I made! Wine nights, movie nights, and all with your best friend??? Priceless!

5. TV shows: Scandal… I have to say 2013 was Scandals year! Olivia Pope, the President, different scandals, her clothes…

Get that Cosmo ready!

Cheers, J!

My favorite places to shop!

Well, you did it again! You made it to Friday. I now have the next two weeks off for the Christmas Season!!!! 🙂 In light of the Holiday season, I decided to put my five favorite places I love to shop. This is all year round, not just now!

1. Francesca’s

2. The Limited

3. Express

4. Macy’s

5. Kohls

I really do not like going to the mall… Too many people, the stores are too small, etc. In my opinion, each of these stores have something awesome about them that I love.

Can you believe Christmas is in 5 DAYS? What!!!!

I am going to see Wicked tomorrow, and I am super excited. This will be my second time seeing it…So on Monday, instead of a Movies post, I am going to post about Wicked 🙂

Happy Friday! You know what to do….go get that Cosmo!


“Favorite’s” Friday

Thank goodness it is Friday! I hope your week went well 🙂

This week for my Friday favorites, I decided to talk about my favorite healthy snacks! I could snack all day long if I was able too. It keeps your metabolism up, keeps you from over eating throughout the day, and who doesn’t love a snack?

1. Grapes and cashews – simple and easy

2. Chips and guac or Chips and salsa

3. Hummus with pita chips, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, etc!

4. KIND bars- I like a few of them. Plus…some of them have dark chocolate, yum!

5. A bowl of mixed fruit or a bowl of veggies


What are your favorite snack foods?

I am about to go out and get a Cosmo, do the same!!

Happy Friday!


Fall Favorites!

Happy Post Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a great time with friends, family and lots of food!! Can you believe Fall is coming to an end in the next few weeks?! It is hard to imagine. Fall is my favorite season! The leaves, the crisp wind, the colors…just fabulous! Here are my Fall favorites:

1. Sweaters: I am sweater obsessed. I love huge over sized sweaters especially! I would rather have a big sweater on over a tank top, any day!

2. The colors of the leaves: I could stare at them all day long. When it was still slightly warm in Ohio (like a month or so ago), I would hike in the parks that surround my town. The parks have tow paths, or you can hike in the woods. I always decided to hike in the woods, and would take in the scenery of the falling leaves and all the colors!

photo 1

3. Candles: I light candles all the time but now is the best time to buy them! Pumpkin, apple cinnamon, marshmallow, leaves, and I could go on but I will stop. I love how candles look while watching a movie with the lights off and just taking in the glow and smell of a burning candle.

photo 3

4. Warm tea/cuddling up/movies: Yes, yes, you can do this anytime. There is something about cuddling up with a huge cup of tea, a warm blanket (maybe a fire?), and a good movie when it is cold outside! Oh, and add a candle to that mix. Perfection.

photo 4

Happy Friday! Go out and get that delicious Cosmo 🙂


Few of my Favorite Things!

For my first Favorite Things Post, I decided to pick five of my favorite ‘things’ and share them with you!

1. Cosmos with a twist: Ah! My favorite and easy to make drink. It tastes like heaven in a lovely martini glass. My friends always tell me I make the best drinks 🙂

  • My Recipe: 1.5 shot triple sec, 2 shots vodka, a drop of grenadine, sugar free cranberry juice, lemon and lime !

2. Coffee: Dark roast, red eyes, and sugar free hazelnut! Yum, yum, yum!

3. Books: I am starting to read a new book called…. The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro. I will let you know how it is!

4. Vegetarian Anything: hummus, chickpeas, veggies, fruits, and oh my! I will post some of my favorite recipes every so often. One I just made is Cauliflower and cheddar soup. Don’t knock it till you try it! It is absolutely delicious. I got the recipe from Two Peas and their Pod!

5. The Scream Movies: You may ask why I didn’t just say movies…. Well, I will tell you why. I am obsessed… no, passionate sounds more accurate, about these movies! It may seem a little funny but I was introduced to these movies when I was 8 years old by my cousins while my parents were at a wedding…. I could write a whole post about these movies, and I think I will… Stay Tuned for more!

Now go out and have a Cosmo!

Happy Friday! ~J

Disclosure: The content written in this post is purely my opinion. I did not review any of the products above for compensation.