Snowed in….

So, apparently there is a huge storm that is about to roll through where I live… GREAT.

I saw a picture comparing Ohio to Antarctica…guess which was colder….OHIO. Not cool, not cool.

I really do not like snow…like at all. I was thinking about how I really want to be toasty warm, and light a fire. Well, I am not about to light a fire, so I settled for hot chocolate instead. Apparently my hot chocolate is to die for too. Whenever I would babysit, or just wanted some I would make it! Here is my recipe:

Jessa’s Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: milk (I use skim), either hot cocoa mix, or dark chocolate, sugar free coffee creamer, and a cinnamon stick (or sprinkle some cinnamon on it)!

1. Warm up the milk to about boiling, and put half into a mug.

2. Add hot chocolate mix, stir, and add rest of hot milk. (If using dark chocolate, add it to the milk while you are boiling it)

3. Last, add a splash of your creamer, and sprinkle of cinnamon! Voila!

4…. Drink it up!

YUM! About to go make some myself 🙂

Happy Sunday, J!


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