Friday Favorites: New Year Edition!

So for this Friday Favorites, I decided to change it up, and tell you five things that were my favorite parts of 2013!

1. Movies… There were SO many good movies that came out this year, check out my post from Monday to see some of them but Catching Fire won my heart!

2. I graduated this past April! It was such a huge accomplishment on my part.

3. Disney World! This year I went to Disney World for the first time…Yup, as a 22 year old! Can I just say, I acted like a 6 year old haha. It was a blast! Especially Epcot 😉

4. Living with my best friend! From July 2012 till July 2013, we lived together at school… It was the best decision I made! Wine nights, movie nights, and all with your best friend??? Priceless!

5. TV shows: Scandal… I have to say 2013 was Scandals year! Olivia Pope, the President, different scandals, her clothes…

Get that Cosmo ready!

Cheers, J!


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