The gym, and New Years Resolutions!

My favorite, happy places are the gym and starbucks…but if I had to pick one, I would honestly pick the gym! The elliptical, stair climber, weights, lunges, squats, I could go on! As the New Year comes, everyone at the gym knows what will happen….the gym turns into a circus! Now, I love that people are trying to get in shape, and making themselves happier, healthier, more confident, etc. BUT the gyms just become so crowded! Luckily, I take barre classes 2-3 days a week at another place, so I can avoid the craziness that is the gym during the next month or so. From, here is a funny clip from the one, and only Jenna Marbles. She cracks me up! Click here for the video 🙂 It is just something a little funny, yet so true about people and the gym!

Any resolutions you are making for 2014?

Happy New Years Eve!





2 thoughts on “The gym, and New Years Resolutions!

  1. No resolutions but I have counteracted the gym flood and got back to training at home. Only going to the gym once a week to lift heavy and doing lots of running and plyo at home will certainly suffice until about Jan 31 🙂 good luck with the barre classes! And Happy New Year!

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