My favorite places to shop!

Well, you did it again! You made it to Friday. I now have the next two weeks off for the Christmas Season!!!! šŸ™‚ In light of the Holiday season, I decided to put my five favorite places I love to shop. This is all year round, not just now!

1. Francesca’s

2. The Limited

3. Express

4. Macy’s

5. Kohls

I really do not like going to the mall… Too many people, the stores are too small, etc. In my opinion, each of these stores have something awesome about them that I love.

Can you believe Christmas is in 5 DAYS? What!!!!

I am going to see Wicked tomorrow, and I am super excited. This will be my second time seeing it…So on Monday, instead of a Movies post, I am going to post about Wicked šŸ™‚

Happy Friday! You know what to do….go get that Cosmo!



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