Personal Training

Its Tuesday! Hope it is going wonderfully for you all. So this post I am going to talk about some of what I do in personal training! Honestly, I was hesitant about getting one, but she has turned into not only a great friend but she has helped me change my life! I am getting so much stronger, and I can see my body transforming!

In my sessions, we use resistance bands, hand weights, my body weight, ballet barre, and more. She calls them her accessories… they are not. They are her accessories from hell! (Secretly, I love them though :)) We always start with a warm up (very important), and then move through a variety of workouts. Usually 2-4 sets of legs, arms and overall body, then we do a plank or two, pull ups and push ups (my faves!)! Then, we end in a stretch! Of course, during we gossip, talk about the day, and I complain and cry in my head….but I always feel 10x better after!!!

*If you are thinking about getting one, do your research! In my opinion, they can help you transform your life!


If you want to read some other fitness posts I have done click here and here !

Off to the gym I go!

Happy Tuesday!



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