Delivery Man!

Last week, I saw Delivery Man with a friend. We got some popcorn, chatted a little before the movie and had some awesome friend bonding time! (I even got a workout in before the movie, score!) Now, I am not a huge fan of comedies but this one looked so funny! Click here for the trailer if you have not seen it yet/do not know what movie I am talking about. The trailer gives a pretty good insight about what the movie is going to be about… There are definitely some twists and turns throughout though. (Thanks youtube for the video.)

What did I think, you ask? Well, I thought it was SO FUNNY. It made me laugh, I teared up at the end, and it was overall a pretty good movie. I will admit some parts of the movie were a little drawn out…. I will also say, I am not a huge fan of Vince Vaughn but I have a lot of respect for him in this movie. He did fantastic. It was such a funny, feel good movie. Definitely a must see if I do say so myself!


Happy Monday!


*This is my opinion!


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