“Favorite’s” Friday

Thank goodness it is Friday! I hope your week went well 🙂

This week for my Friday favorites, I decided to talk about my favorite healthy snacks! I could snack all day long if I was able too. It keeps your metabolism up, keeps you from over eating throughout the day, and who doesn’t love a snack?

1. Grapes and cashews – simple and easy

2. Chips and guac or Chips and salsa

3. Hummus with pita chips, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, etc!

4. KIND bars- I like a few of them. Plus…some of them have dark chocolate, yum!

5. A bowl of mixed fruit or a bowl of veggies


What are your favorite snack foods?

I am about to go out and get a Cosmo, do the same!!

Happy Friday!



2 thoughts on ““Favorite’s” Friday

  1. All great suggestions. I would probably swap out the chips for veggies or make your own pita chips or corn tortilla chips. Just an idea since the store bought ones are processed.

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