Fall Favorites!

Happy Post Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a great time with friends, family and lots of food!! Can you believe Fall is coming to an end in the next few weeks?! It is hard to imagine. Fall is my favorite season! The leaves, the crisp wind, the colors…just fabulous! Here are my Fall favorites:

1. Sweaters: I am sweater obsessed. I love huge over sized sweaters especially! I would rather have a big sweater on over a tank top, any day!

2. The colors of the leaves: I could stare at them all day long. When it was still slightly warm in Ohio (like a month or so ago), I would hike in the parks that surround my town. The parks have tow paths, or you can hike in the woods. I always decided to hike in the woods, and would take in the scenery of the falling leaves and all the colors!

photo 1

3. Candles: I light candles all the time but now is the best time to buy them! Pumpkin, apple cinnamon, marshmallow, leaves, and I could go on but I will stop. I love how candles look while watching a movie with the lights off and just taking in the glow and smell of a burning candle.

photo 3

4. Warm tea/cuddling up/movies: Yes, yes, you can do this anytime. There is something about cuddling up with a huge cup of tea, a warm blanket (maybe a fire?), and a good movie when it is cold outside! Oh, and add a candle to that mix. Perfection.

photo 4

Happy Friday! Go out and get that delicious Cosmo 🙂



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