The Big Bang Theory

BAZINGA! Okay, this show is just the best. So rewind to New Years Eve 2011…. I was spending this night with my sister, niece and nephews. They were asleep, and my sister and I were just hanging out. Then she turned on TBS, and this show I had never heard of or wanted to watch was on. I was like great, I do not want to watch this! Well 8 episodes later, I was hooked! Now fast forward to, well, now! I own every single season of this show, watch it on TBS every night (no shame), and quote it probably more than I should.

My favorite episode: The ball pit episode. The first time I saw it I was dying laughing, and had tears running down my face. Basically, Sheldon is trying to figure this equation or something out. He is going crazy trying to figure this problem out. He believes that he can solve this by sorting the colored balls in the ball pit, and when Leonard tried to get him out….he says, ‘if you can catch me.’  Later, he tries to find a ‘menial’ job and ends up being a bus boy at the cheesecake factory. Then, he solves it when he drops a load of plates. Just watch the video below! Get ready to laugh.

I probably have 10 ‘favorite’ episodes but each episode literally makes me laugh. This season is perfect. Can you say that? Well it is. Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? What is your favorite episode?

Happy TV Thursday!



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