So, if you have not realized it yet, I LOVE TO WORKOUT. It is one of my favorite parts of the day, next to my coffee in the AM 🙂 Well, I wanted to start trying something new in the fitness world. The place I do my personal training at has Barre, so I was like okay, why not! Here is a link about tips to get ready for your first Barre class, if you would like to know more! Barre is basically a ballet/Pilates inspired workout, if you will!

Here is a glimpse of inside my head during the first class:

“Warm up, okay not so bad so far. Put my leg where? Oh my god, how much longer do I have to hold this. Whew, done with that…no wait, damn we have to pulse. What is a tuck? Oh… never mind. Twist what now?How much longer with the pulsing……Stretching nice, I guess we are almost done! I liked it, definitely going to come back—wait a minute, we are not done, on to the mat we go. You want me to put my hips where? My heels up? This girl…god love her, but she is crazy. F**K this is hard. Okay—now we are done. Stretching feels so good. Yup, coming back next week!” Then the barre instructor came up to me…”This is your first class right? YOU DID AWESOME!” Me: AH! Good to know haha!”

Seriously, this is almost to the T of what went through my head. Now, obviously this is all my opinion, but I am obsessed! Don’t worry, I am going tonight to a class…. I am ready to tuck and pulse!

** I am going to attach some articles, if you want to read more 🙂

Happy Tuesday!



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