welcome to coffee and cosmos!

Welcome!! I am so excited to get Coffee and Cosmos started! This blog will be a little piece of me and a few of my favorite things. This blog will focus on fitness, my vegetarian ways, my love for watching movies, my wine obsession, and of course coffee and cosmos! Each day I will post something in regards to the day of the week…. along with other posts!

Weekly posts:

Movie Mondays: I will watch a new movie and give a review of what I thought of it!

Treadmill Tuesdays: I love to workout! I will post different workout technique i tried, different equipment I tried, and just so on! You will see my love for fitness through this blog, guarantee it!

Wine Wednesdays: Wine! I love wine! Wine, wine, wine. Pinot Grigo, Riesling, Rose, Chardonnay, Moscato, the list goes on! I will try a new wine, paired with a movie or a good book, and let you know what I think!

TV Thursdays: Each week I will post something about my few (okay at least 10) favorite TV shows.

Favorite Things Fridays: I will pick a few of my new favorite things or old favorite things and share them on this day!

Welcome to coffee and cosmos!

~ Jessa


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